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The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, CBS This Morning, USA Today, National Public Radio, The Gadget Guru
and many more . . .

"Perhaps the most ingenious device by which parents 
can filter what comes out of their televisions is TVGuardian."
World Magazine
Technological Walls 
by Gene Edward Veith
April 25, 1998
"We watched an R-rated movie and it took it 
down to what I would call a PG movie.  
We were really impressed with it."
Salt Lake City Deseret News
TVGuardian can filter out cussing and foul words 
by Kristen Sonne
June 3, 1998
"This is very innovative. This is probably more valid than the V-chip..."
The Kansas City Star - Front Page
Device for TV helps civilize rude language
by Eric Palmer
March 5, 1998
"One weapon available to parents who want to clean 
up TV trash talk is a script-editing device called 
Las Vegas Review Journal
Cursed by Modern Society
by Joan Whitely
February 22, 1998
"I got tired of complaining and decided to find a solution myself," Bray says.
TVGuardian Mutes Bad Words
by Chris Stamper
March 16, 1998
"Rick Bray has found a way to clean up the language 
on TV and in movies shown on a VCR."
The Tampa Tribune
Inventor's TVGuardian filters !#%@
by Walt Belcher
April 24, 1998
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